Facebook Integration

Interact with Facebook users through the RUM Work channel using a Facebook Page.


Being among the top social media platforms with over 2.93 billion active users, Facebook sends a strong signal to businesses to have a presence there. And with that, business owners must respond to user queries promptly.

However, due to managing queries at a large scale and on other platforms, it's possible they can miss them. Therefore, RUM Work's Facebook Channel provides a simplified way to communicate with customers over Facebook Messenger without losing track of send and received messages.

To create a RUM Work Facebook Channel, you'd need:

  • A genuine Facebook account.

  • And a Facebook Page to connect it with the RUM Work Facebook Channel.

If you haven't created a page, visit this guide on how to create a page.

After creating the page and connecting it with RUM Work, you can answer queries that users send from Facebook.

Ensure the Facebook account is set to Admin for the page you want to connect with RUM Work. Follow this guide to learn how to manage roles for a Facebook page.

If you prefer to watch a video, you can follow the steps in the above video. Otherwise, continue with the following steps to create a Facebook Channel and connect it with the Facebook Page.

Step 1 - Access RUM Work Channels

To create a Facebook RUM Work Channel, you need to open the Channels in RUM Work. From your Dashboard, head over to the left sidebar and select Channels.

Then, click Configure for Facebook. Or tap the Create Channel button if there are channels already. A popup will appear. In that, select Facebook and click Next.

Upon clicking Next, it will ask you to connect the channel with a Facebook page. For that, click on CONNECT FACEBOOK PAGE.

Step 2 - Login to Facebook

When you'll click the Connect Facebook Page button, a new tab will open asking you to log into Facebook.

Enter the details of the account you want to use for connecting to the Facebook Page. Then, continue with that account.

Step 3 - Allow Permissions to RUM Work for the Facebook Page

Once you log in, the tab will display the pages associated with the account. Select the page you want to connect with the RUM Work Facebook Channel and click Next.

After selecting the page, it will ask you what permissions you want to give to the RUM Work channel.

Simply check YES to all the options, and then click Done. Once you do that, it will take a few seconds to finalise the linking. After the channel is linked, you'd get the following tab with the lining confirmation.

You can click OK to get back to the RUM Work interface. The RUM Work interface will show you the page title, which you can change if you like, then click Finish to complete the channel creation.

Once you do that, you'll get your RUM Work Facebook Channel like the following.

Now, you can communicate with your customers over Facebook messages using the RUM Work Chat.

Channel Configuration

Utilise additional settings of the Facebook channel to optimize its use.

pageStore SettingspageMessage Templates

More Customisation Options

In addition to the Facebook Store Settings, Message Templates and Page Post Comments, there are a few more options you can utilise.

  • Edit - It provides you with the option to change your Channel Name; Add Webhook URL and Reauthorize Facebook connection.

  • Delete - Simply delete the channel.

  • Mark as Default - You'll see this particular channel as the primary channel in the Chat.

  • Copy Channel ID - Copy Channel ID.

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