RUM Work

Roles & Permissions


Through Roles & Permissions Setting, you can create different roles and allow specific permissions to them. Then, use Roles to create Team members and provide them control as per allowed permissions. This is useful to give team members limited control over the Rum Work platform and its options.
To access this particular setting, go to Settings and then click Roles & Permissions.

Create a Role

At Roles & Permissions, click the Create Role button.
Then, define the name of the Role and click Save.

Assign Permission

Once you've created a Role, you'd find it in the tab. Then, to assign permissions, simply click the checkbox next to permission.
Or select them all by checking the Bulk box. There are a total of 34 permissions you can assign to a role.
1. Manage Quick Replies
2. Manage FAQ
3. Manage Attachment
4. Manage Knowledge
5. Manage Departments
6. Rest API
7. Manage Self Account
8. Edit Tickets
9. Manage Campaigns
10. Manage Channels
11. Manage Assigned Channels
12. Manage Tickets
13. Manage Custom Fields
14. Manage Service Integrations
15. Manage Settings
16. Chat Customers
17. Manage All Chats
18. Manage All Tickets
19. Manage Automation Rules
20. Manage Recurring Events
21. Manage Contacts
22. Manage Follow Ups
23. Manage All Follow Ups
24. Can See Contact Basic Profile
25. Manage User Roles
26. Manage Teams
27. Manage Message Template
28. Manage Drip Campaign
29. Manage Messages
30. Manage Todo
31. Create Manual Payment Link
32. Manage Chat Commerce Store
33. Manage Notes
34. Delete Notes

Editing a Role

To edit a Role, click the Menu (three vertical dots) icon, then select Edit.
It will allow you to change the name. Once edited, click Save.

Delete a Role

To delete a Role, click the Menu (three vertical dots) icon, then select Delete.
Then click the Confirm button to finalise deleting.