Take Control of the RUM Work platform by utilising the options available in the Settings.

You can access the RUM Work Settings Panel and its options in 2 ways.

  • From Dashboard, go to the Left Sidebar and click Settings.

  • Or, click on the gear (⚙️) icon directly from your dashboard.

The different options available in the Settings panel of the RUM Work platform allow you to make the most out of it. By using the following options, you can simplify how the platform works and provide customers with the best-in-class user support.

Customization options to make the interface represent the business more evenly.

Create different roles and assign permissions per requirement.

Create departments to sort team members' duties in the RUM Work.

Add team members to RUM Work and assign tasks to them based on their department.

Make quick message templates to use in the chat.

Create automation workflows and run them based on user triggers.

Build a list of question and answer for the FAQ Bot.

Build or upload answers for different user questions.

Create different fields to use them while creating contacts.

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