A trigger in the Automation Workflows allows you to set different conditions to run automated actions.

Trigger Types

Using triggers, you can activate an automated action(s) based on the conditions fulfilled. It's highly useful to serve your customers in a timely manner and perform different actions when you're away from the platform. Or when you want to handle fewer tasks.

At RUM Work, you can utilise 4 types of Automation Workflow Triggers:

1. New Outgoing Message

You can use this trigger to set conditions to activate an automated action(s) when you or your teammate send a message to the client/customer/user using Chat.

2. New Incoming Message

Using this Trigger, you can activate an automated action(s) based on the conditions when you receive a message on the selected Channel.

3. New Contact Created By Chat

If you or one of your teammates creates a new contact using Chat, then this trigger will run the automated action(s) based on the conditions met.

4. New Facebook Lead Generated

Activate an automated action(s) when a new Facebook lead is generated through the selected integration while creating the automation workflow.

pageFacebook Leads

5. When A Tag is Added/Removed

Create an Automation Workflow triggered by the addition or removal of the Tag from the contact's info.

Conditions & Actions

During creating an automation workflow, choosing Trigger (1) or (2) will further open multiple Trigger Conditions.

pageTrigger Conditions

Each Trigger has a different set of conditions. Once these conditions are fulfilled, the automated Actions run.


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