Connect to Emma WhatsApp Business API to chat with customers over WhatsApp using the RUM Work platform.


Emma is an official WhatsApp Business API vendor that allows you to create a WhatsApp Business account. As WhatsApp doesn’t offer API to businesses directly, it’s another fastest method to create your WhatsApp Business profile.

Through this guide, you can create your Emma WhatsApp Business API account and connect it to the RUM Work WhatsApp channel for Emma.

Due to WhatsApp API's messaging window of 24 hours, you can only respond to user queries or messages within 24 hours using Emma.

1) Sign Up for Emma Account

To create a WhatsApp Business API account using Emma, first, you need to create an account at Emma. And to do that, reach out to us at hello@rumwork.io for the registration of Emma WhatsApp API.

Once you get your Emma WhatsApp API login details, you can move to the next step.

2) Log In to WABA-API

Visit waba-api.com, and log in using the details you’ve received by following the previous step.

You’ll find your WhatsApp Business Profile number and other details on the WhatsApp Number window.

These details will be used when you create a RUM Work Emma Channel for WhatsApp Business API.

3) Create RUM Work Channel and Connect it to Emma

To create a RUM Work Emma Channel, go to Channels and click Configure for Emma.

Or, you can click Create Channel if there are channels already. Then, from the popup, select Emma and click Next.

On the next screen, you’ve to provide some details to finish connecting RUM Work to Emma.

  • Title

  • API Token

  • API Version

  • Namespace

  • And Mobile Number

Set title as per the purpose of creating the channel and keep it easy to recognise. For other details, you have to go to waba-api.com.

There, go to the API Token and click get,

An alert will come notifying that API has been copied, click Close or tap on the X.

Use this API Token at RUM Work with the default API version. Then, for the Namespace, go to the WhatsApp Business Account column, and copy your Namespace.

Use this as well at RUM Work.

Then, enter the Mobile Number associated with this account, then copy Emma Webhook URL and click, Finish.

Go to waba-api.com, then Webhook, and click Edit.

A popup will appear, there paste the URL you've copied before, and click Save.

Now, you can chat with customers over WhatsApp using the RUM Work platform.

Channel Configuration

The additional options available for the Channel enable you to utilise it at its best.

  • Details - Using this access additional options to create Message Templates, Buttons/Options/Product Messages, Store Settings, and more.

  • Manage Templates - Directly access the controls to manage or create message templates.

  • Store Settings - Configure payment partners and links for the channel.

  • Manage Profile - Make changes to the WhatsApp Business Profile.

  • Edit - Access controls to edit channel; copy its id and more.

Set Up Message Template

Refer to the following docs.

pageMessage Templates

Button/Options/Product Messages

Refer to the following docs

pageButton/Options/Product Messages

Store Settings

Please, explore the following doc to learn more about RUM Work WhatsApp Channel Store Settings.


Manage Profile

Using the Manager Profile option of your Cloud API WhatsApp Channel, you can change your business details for WhatsApp.

Click on the Manage Profile, and it opens the Profile settings like the following,

Here, you can change your Profile Picture, Address, Description, Email, Website and Business Vertical from the available options,

  • Automotive Beauty

  • Spa and Salon

  • Clothing and Apparel

  • Education

  • Entertainment

  • Event Planning and Service

  • Finance and Banking

  • Food and Grocery

  • Public Service

  • Hotel and Lodging

  • Medical and Health

  • Non-profit Professional Services

  • Shopping and Retail

  • Travel and Transportation

  • Restaurant

  • Other

Once done, click Save Changes.

More Options

In addition to the Manage Templates, Store Settings, and Manage Profile, there are a few more options you can utilise.

  • Edit - It provides you with the option to change Channel Name; Add Webhook URL and Disconnection Alert Emails.

  • Delete - Simply delete the channel.

  • Mark as Default - You'll see this particular channel as the primary channel in the Chat.

  • Copy Channel ID - Copy Channel ID without opening the Phone Settings.

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