Connect RUM Work to Maytapi Unofficial WhatsApp API to start communicating with customers over WhatsApp.

Maytapi Unofficial WhatsApp API for Developers allows you to connect your WhatsApp to RUM Work easily. It doesn't require approval from WhatsApp and only takes a few minutes to integrate both platforms. So, you don't have to wait to communicate with your customers on WhatsApp using the RUM Work platform.

Simply follow the below steps to create a RUM Work Maytapi Channel for WhatsApp.

You can use either WhatsApp Business or Personal number to utilize the Maytapi Unofficial WhatsApp API.

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Step 1 - Sign Up for Maytapi Unofficial WhatsApp API

Visit Maytapi to register and create your account by clicking the Start Free Trial.

This will open a new page asking for a few details to register on the Maytapi platform.

Enter the details, accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and continue by tapping the Register button. As soon as you click the button, the platform will create your account and show a popup asking you to Logout or Start Trial.

Click Start Trial and you'll enter the platform like the following.

Step 2 - Add a New Phone to Maytapi

For Maytapi RUM Channel to work, you must first add a new phone to the Maytapi interface. And to do that,

  • Click Add New Phone in your Maytapi window. This will take a few moments to generate the instance.

Once the process is completed, move to Step 3.

Step 3 - Create a Maytapi Channel at RUM Work for WhatsApp

Now, to connect Maytapi Unofficial WhatsApp API to RUM Work, you need to create a channel. This will allow you to communicate with customers over WhatsApp from RUM Work. To do that, first,

  • Login to RUM Work.

  • Then, go to Channels.

  • There, click Configure for the Maytapi channel. Or you can click, Create Channel if there are already channels.

Upon clicking the Configure button, a popup will appear asking for a few details to finish creating the channel.

The details are,

  • Title = you can set the title as you want to recognise the channel.

  • Product ID.

  • Product Token.

  • And Phone ID.

Apart from the Title, for the remaining details, you need to open the Maytapi platform, where you've just added a new phone.

In the Maytapi account, go to the Product ID & Token, and copy the details.

For Phone ID, go to the Phones, and copy the ID mentioned in the Registered Phones section.

Once you've got all the details, head back to RUM Work, and enter them where they're needed.

You need to repeat the steps to copy and paste the details one by one, individually. First, for the Product ID, then Token, and in the end, Phone ID.

After entering all the details, you can click Finish, and that's it; you've created the Maytapi Unofficial WhatsApp API channel.

However, it's not connected to the WhatsApp account you're using. So, for that, you need to follow a few more steps.

  • Click on the Details button on your channel.

This will open the Phone Settings where you can see the WHATSAPP WEB banner.

You need to scan the code visible in the banner from your mobile application. Follow the below steps to learn how to scan a QR code in WhatsApp to use it on a computer.

  1. Tap the QR icon (top right corner) displayed next to your name.

  2. Select SCAN CODE.

  3. Hold your device over the QR code to scan.

  4. An alert will appear, Device login code detected, select CONTINUE.

  5. Click LINK A DEVICE.

  6. And scan the code again to complete the linking.

After successfully linking your WhatsApp to RUM Work Maytapi Channel, you'll be able to see your WhatsApp conversations.

And that's it; you've created a WhatsApp Channel in RUM Work using the Maytapi Unofficial WhatsApp API.

You'll see the Connected status in your Channels window, ensuring you can now communicate with your customers through the RUM Work Chat interface.

Channel Configuration

Utilise additional settings of the Maytapi channel to optimize its use.

Phone Settings

The Phone Settings of the Maytapi Channel lets you align the WhatsApp API correctly. To access it, go to Details on the channel.

This will open the following window with the WhatsApp screen and other controls.

Here, you can view the Channel ID and copy it using the Copy icon.

Other controls let you perform actions as follows,

Store Settings

Through WhatsApp chat, if you want to process orders and payments, you can utilize the WhatsApp Store Settings. To access the controls, click on Store Settings.

This will open the following window with several fields and options.

The options available are,

  • Select Payment Partner - This allows you to choose the payment processor.

  • Select Default Currency - What currency do you want to charge your customers: USD or HKD.

  • Test Mode or Live Mode - The payment processor offers Live and Test Mode keys. Using this option, you can put the store on either Live or Test mode. If you're testing the payment processor, use the Test mode and its keys. Otherwise, choose the Live Mode.

  • Stripe Publish Key - Use it to enter your Stripe Publish Key based on the mode. Get it here.

  • Stripe Secret Key - Use it to enter Stripe Secret Key based on the mode. Get it here.

If you've selected Yedpay as your Payment Partner, you'll get the following fields:

  • Yedpay Store ID - Use it to enter your Yedpay Store ID based on the mode. Get your Yedpay Store ID here.

  • Yedpay Access Token - Use it to enter your Yedpay Access Token based on the mode. Get your Yedpay Access Token here.

If you've selected Mpay as your Payment Partner, you'll get the following fields:

  • Select Language - In what language do you want to enter Mpay details: English/Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese.

  • Mpay Merchant ID - Based on the mode, enter your Merchant ID.

  • Mpay Terminal ID - Based on the mode, enter your Terminal ID.

  • Mpay Secure ID - Based on the mode, enter your Secure ID.

  • Payment Success Message.

  • Payment Failed Message.

  • Payment Default Message.

Use the above fields to send customers pre-defined messages based on the payment status.

Once you're done with the customization, click Save Payment Settings.

Manage Templates

Different customers often reach out with the same queries, and answering them repeatedly could become overwhelming. Therefore, create Message Templates, and when customers reach out, simply use them.

To create your message templates, click on Manage Templates.

A new window will appear with a Create Message Template button.

Simply click on it and it will bring a popup to create the template.

Here, name your template. Insert placeholders to personalise the message. Edit the message or fill the text around placeholders. Use a File, and even provide customers with an option to unsubscribe.

Once done with the template, click Save, and it will be shown to the message templates library.

More Options

In addition to the Phone Settings, Store Settings and Message Templates there are a few more options you can utilise.

  • Edit - It provides you with the option to change Channel Name; Add Webhook URL and Disconnection Alert Emails.

  • Delete - Simply delete the channel.

  • Mark as Default - You'll see this particular channel as the primary channel in the Chat.

  • Copy Channel ID - Copy Channel ID without opening the Phone Settings.

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