Create a RUM Work WhatsApp Channel by connecting to a 360dialog WhatsApp API and start interacting with customers/users over WhatsApp messages.


WhatsApp doesn't offer its API directly to businesses. However, 360dialog is an official WhatsApp API Provider. Therefore, through it, you can get a valid WhatsApp API account. In this guide, we'll assist you on how you can apply for a 360dialog WhatsApp API account and connect it to RUM Work.

Once you do that, you'll be able to chat with customers over WhatsApp using our platform.

Before you proceed with the steps, know that through 360dialog, you can only respond to user queries or messages within 24 hours. This regulation is due to WhatsApp API's messaging window of 24 hours.

1) 360dialog - Embedded SignUp Process

To connect the RUM Work channel to 360dialog, you need to first create an account. The following steps will help you how to do that.

Before you create the account, ensure,

  • You have a valid mobile number.

  • An existing Meta Business Account (optional as you can create a new while during the process.)

  • The mobile number is not in already used for WhatsApp. Follow this guide to learn how to delete the WhatsApp account.

If you meet the above conditions, you can continue.

To create a 360dialog account through the Embedded Signup process, visit the following link,

  • There you'll find the below form with different fields.

  • Carefully fill the form with correct information. The details needed are,

    • Your email address. (Not already connected to 360dialog.)

    • Your Full Name.

    • Your Company Name.

    • Set Account Password.

    • Enter Payment Details.

  • After entering the details, check I agree to the 360dialog Terms of Service, and to the 360dialog Price List, and click Accept Terms.

2) Connect Your Facebook Business Account

After accepting the terms a new dialog will appear, like the above, asking you to connect 360dialog to Facebook.

  • Click Continue with Facebook. A new mini tab will open,

  • If you're not logged in, then first you've to Log in to Facebook and then Continue with your account.

  • Then, click Get Started.

  • Further click Continue for the permissions,

    • WhatsApp Business Account Access.

    • Billing Management.

  • Then select your Meta Business Account and click Continue for Step 1 of 3: Create Your Meta and WhatsApp Business Account.

  • If your account is missing some details, you need to provide them in order to complete the process.

  • On Step 2 of 3: Create Your WhatsApp Business Profile

    • Set WhatsApp Business Display Name and click Continue.

    • Select Business Category and click Continue to Step 3.

  • On Step 3 of 3: Verify Your WhatsApp Business Number

    • Select Your Business Number

    • Or Register a new number and click Send Code.

  • Select your verification method and click Send Code.

  • Enter the code you've received and click Verify.

  • Upon successful verification, you'll see a confirmation tab, click OK.

3) Generate API

Once you click OK, you'll be redirected to hub.360dialog.com. there, you see a popup completing the process.

After process completion, you'll see a new popup with the option to generate 360dialog API.

Click Generate API Key. Once the API is generated, copy it, and save it to your cloud or local storage. Then, check I've copied and stored the API key and click Continue.

Then, it will ask you to open the Facebook Business account and verify the details.

Click Go to Facebook Business Manager, and you'll be redirected to the Business Settings. If you've already verified the details, you can select the other option.

  • On the Business Settings page, select the account.

  • Then, go to Business Info (Bottom of the Left Tab.)

  • Edit the following information,

  • Once done, click Save.

Ensure you provide correct information, plus the website you mentioned is,

  • Working

  • And have an explanation of the company's business model.

4) Connect RUM Work

Go to Channels, then click Configure for 360Dialog.

Or click Create Channel if there are channels already there.

Then select 360Dialog and click Next.

A popup will appear asking the following details,

  • Title

  • API Token

  • Namespace

  • and Mobile Number

For Title, you can use a recognisable name for the channel. For API Token, use what you've generated before.

A Namespace is available at hub.360dialog.com. So, you have to revisit it, then select your account and scroll down to WhatsApp Business Account and copy the Namespace.

Then, head back to RUM Work, and paste the Namespace in the field.

In the Number field, use the same you've used for creating the account. Once added, click Finish.

And that's it; you've successfully created the RUM Work 360dialog Channel.

Now, you can chat with customers over WhatsApp using the RUM Work platform.

Channel Configuration

The additional options available for the Channel enable you to utilise it at its best.

  • Details - Using this access additional options to create Message Templates, Buttons/Options/Product Messages, Store Settings, and more.

  • Manage Templates - Directly access the controls to manage or create message templates.

  • Store Settings - Configure payment partners and links for the channel.

  • Manage Profile - Make changes to the WhatsApp Business Profile.

  • Edit - Access controls to edit channel; copy its id and more.

Set Up Message Template

Refer to the following docs.

pageMessage Templates

Button/Options/Product Messages

Refer to the following docs

pageButton/Options/Product Messages

Store Settings

Please, explore the following doc to learn more about RUM Work WhatsApp Channel Store Settings.


Manage Profile

Using the Manager Profile option of your Cloud API WhatsApp Channel, you can change your business details for WhatsApp.

Click on the Manage Profile, and it opens the Profile settings like the following,

Here, you can change your Profile Picture, Address, Description, Email, Website and Business Vertical from the available options,

  • Automotive Beauty

  • Spa and Salon

  • Clothing and Apparel

  • Education

  • Entertainment

  • Event Planning and Service

  • Finance and Banking

  • Food and Grocery

  • Public Service

  • Hotel and Lodging

  • Medical and Health

  • Non-profit Professional Services

  • Shopping and Retail

  • Travel and Transportation

  • Restaurant

  • Other

Once done, click Save Changes.

More Options

In addition to the Manage Templates, Store Settings, and Manage Profile, there are a few more options you can utilise.

  • Edit - It provides you with the option to change Channel Name; Add Webhook URL and Disconnection Alert Emails.

  • Delete - Simply delete the channel.

  • Mark as Default - You'll see this particular channel as the primary channel in the Chat.

  • Copy Channel ID - Copy Channel ID without opening the Phone Settings.

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