Through this guide utilise WhatsApp Store Settings


WhatsApp Store Settings allows you to process orders and payments through RUM Work. We provide support to WhatsApp using 4 Channels -

For Maytapi WhatsApp Store Settings, you can refer to our Maytapi Integration docs. And for the remaining WhatsApp Channels, you can follow this guide to utilise Store Settings.

Open Store Settings

To open WhatsApp Store Settings for 360dialog, Emma and Cloud API, simply click the Store Settings for the respective channel in the Channels.

This will the WhatsApp Store Settings with the following options,

  • Catalog Settings - Using this, you can access the products list (catalog) on Facebook. Or, create new lists of products (Catalogs.)

  • Products -

  • Payment Settings - Setup payment partners to process orders.

Explore the following doc pages to learn more about Store Settings' options.

pageCatalog SettingspageProductspagePayment Settings

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