Telegram Integration

Use RUM Work Telegram Channel to connect with a Telegram Bot and interact with customers over Telegram messages.

Launched in 2013, Telegram offers a robust and secure cloud-based instant messaging platform to over 700 million active users to communicate without interruption. If your business provides Telegram-based support, you can utilize the RUM Work Telegram Channel.

To create a Telegram channel in RUM Work, you'd require a few things,

  • An active Telegram account.

  • And a Telegram bot.

If you've got a Telegram account, the following steps will allow you to create a Telegram Bot.

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Step 1 - Create a Telegram Bot

To create a Telegram Bot, you need to open your Telegram App and click the search icon.

Then, search for BotFather and select the one with a verified sign like the following image.

This will lead you to the conversation window. There, you have to click START to initiate the process.

After this, you've to send the command:


This will allow you to name your bot; therefore, assign a name to your Telegram bot. You can keep a generic name; however, keep it recognisable if you need to know later why you created it.

After naming your bot, you need to assign a Username to it.

When you assign the username, ensure it's ending with either Bot or bot.

Once you set the username, it will share the token to access the HTTP API. Simply copy and save it to your local system. Then, move to the next step to create a Telegram Channel in RUM Work.

For Telegram Channel, you now have access to the token required for creating the channel.

Step 2 - Use Token to Create the Telegram Channel in RUM Work

To create a Telegram Channel in RUM Work, go to the Channels, and click Configure for Telegram.

Or you can click Create Channel, then select Telegram and click Next.

In the popup that will appear, enter the Title and the Token which you've generated by following the previous step.

Once done, click Finish.

You've successfully created a Telegram channel in RUM Work. Now, you can communicate with the customers using Telegram.

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