Knowledge Base


Knowledge Base allows you to add solutions (with questions and answers) that enables users to solve issues they face while using your products, services or platforms. At RUM Work, you can manually add questions and answers one by one for Knowledge Base. Or, you can upload a CSV file.

To access Knowledge Base, go to Settings → then click on Knowledge Base.

Create Knowledge Base

To add a solution to your Knowledge Base, click on Create Knowledge Base button.

This will bring the Q&A modal with fields to enter your Question and Answer. Simply input the question with an answer, and once added, click Save.

Upload Solutions

To upload Knowledge Base solutions, click the Import button at the Knowledge Base.

Then, click Upload to locate the file on your system.

If you don't know how should the data be organised, you can download the sample file by clicking the Download Sample File link.

After locating the file, upload it. Once uploaded, click Import. And this will bring all your solutions to the RUM Work Knowledge Base.

Edit Knowledge Base

To edit a solution of the Knowledge Base, go to Settings Knowledge Base → then click the Edit icon.

This will bring the Update Q&A modal. Here, you can make the changes as required to the selected solution. Once edited, click Update.

Delete a Solution

At Knowledge Base, click the Trash icon to delete a particular solution.

Then click Confirm to finalise deleting.

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