Glance at conversations and tickets; access different modules, and much more.

Using the dashboard, you can quickly view the status of conversations: Total messages exchanged - received, and sent based on different channels and team members during a particular time.

Plus, see how many contacts were added. Use filters to pinpoint the data.

  • Channels - Select the channel(s) you want to see the conversation overview for.

  • Team Members - See status based on a team member(s).

  • Date Range - Overview of Today, Yesterday, This Week, This Month, and Custom.

It also enables you to view an overview of Tickets. Click Tickets to switch the info. Here, you can view Total Tickets, Due Tickets, Open Tickets, and Closed Tickets.

Further, it guides whether the tickets created were leads or opened by the team. You can use the filters to pinpoint tickets info based on different rules,

  • Board - See an overview of a particular Ticketing Board.

  • Team Members - Tickets that include a particular team member(s).

  • Date Range - Tickets created Today, Yesterday, This Week, This Month, and Custom.

  • Created By - Tickets created by a particular team member(s).

Access Modules

Head over to the left sidebar to access different modules of RUM Work.

You can also pin the sidebar by clicking the button in the top right corner of the sidebar.

Enable RUM Work Desktop Notification

RUM Work facilitates desktop notifications that you can enable by clicking the Bell Icon button in the lower left corner of the platform.

More Options

In addition, you've got more options to apply general changes to the platform, which are accessible all the time regardless of the module you're using. You can find them in the top bar.

Switch Between User Accounts

Click on the Account Name next to the sidebar and select your account.

You can also switch accounts by clicking Profile Name in the top right corner and then selecting the account.

Change Profile Image and Password

Click on the Profile Name with Image → select My Profile.

Here, you get the options to,

  • Change the Profile Image.

  • Change the Password.

Plus, you can view General Information.

Log Out

Click on the Profile Name with name → Logout.

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