Broadcast manual or scheduled messages using the Campaigns module.

The Campaigns module at RUM Work allows you to send manual or scheduled messages or messages to single or multiple contacts. For this, you can use a simple message or a pre-approved message template based on the selected Channel.

To access the Campaigns, head over to the left sidebar and select Campaigns.

Currently, there are 2 types of Campaigns available:

  • Campaigns - Send a one-time message to single or multiple contacts.

  • Drip Campaigns - Send multiple messages one after another on a timely basis to a single or multiple customers.

Explore the following pages to learn more about these campaign types.

pageBasic CampaignspageDrip Campaigns

For WhatsApp Channels like 360dialog, Emma, and Cloud API, you can send a simple message or List/Button/Options/Product Messages only when it's within the 24-Hour Window of the last message received from the users or customers.

WhatsApp Business Platform has a Customer Service Window (24-hour) in which businesses can send both simple messages and pre-approved templates. Outside the customer service window, the business would require a message template.

The WhatsApp Business Platform works around two different categories of conversation:

  1. User-initiated - When the user or customer sends the message to the business. The business can respond to the message with a simple message or message template within 24 hours. Once the window has expired, the business can only respond with a message template which will be counted as a Business-initiated conversation.

  2. Business-initiated - When the business reaches out to the customer outside the 24-hour customer service window, its falls under the Business-initiated conversation. For a business-initiated conversation, a message template is required.

To send a campaign message under the Business-initiated conversation type, your business platform must obtain user consent (opt-in) to receive notifications, order updates, event updates, etc. The opt-in could be a simple message or subscription from your website showing the user's consent to receive business-initiated messages from your platform.

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