Turn customer issues into tickets to resolve them on time.

Using the Tickets module, you can build Ticketing Boards and add tickets to them with priority. Plus, assign team members to resolve the issue promptly.

Click Tickets in the sidebar to access Ticketing Boards. If you've already a Ticketing Boards, you'll find them like the above.

Create a Ticket Board

Click Add new board.

This will create an untitled ticket board with the following options,

  • Untitled Board: To name the board.

  • Add a list: To add ticket board lists for tickets.

  • Order by: To sort tickets in different orders.

Create a Ticket

The following steps will allow you to create a ticket effortlessly:

#Step 1 - Add a List

To create a ticket, first, click on the Add a list option.

Then, input the ticket list title and click Add.

#Step 2 - Add a Ticket

Once the list is created, add a ticket by clicking the Add a card button.

Input ticket/card title; then select a channel and click Add.

#Step 3 - Input Ticket Details

After creating a ticket, you need to enter ticket details.

To do that, click on the ticket, and it will open a modal to add ticket details.

Once added the details, click Update.

You can also create a ticket while conversing with a client in chat. Learn more here.

Search, Filter, and Sort Tickets

If you've created multiple Ticket Lists and Tickets, then you'll find them like the above.

First, select Ticket Priority → then choose Tags → Team Members → Date Range, and click Apply.

You can also view the closed tickets by ticking the checkbox, Show Closed Tickets. In addition to the Search and Filter options, you can also arrange tickets in different orders.

Click the Order By and then choose one of the following,

  • Latest Created First

  • Oldest Created First

  • Latest Due Date First

  • Longest Due Date First

Close a Ticket

To close a ticket, first, select the ticket.

Click on the Close this ticket option.

Then in the Disposition Comment, select the available choice and click Save.

View Ticket Conversation

Select the ticket.

Remove a Ticket, List, or Board

Follow the below steps to remove a ticket, list, and board.

#Removing a ticket

Select the ticket.

Click on the Remove Card option and then Confirm.

#Removing a List

Then select the Remove List.

#Removing a Board

Select the board you want to remove.

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